Homeseer WD-200+ as master switch?

With my new HE arriving tomorrow, I need a game plan before I just start buying smart devices. I’ve found a lot of answers in this community and on the google to most of my questions but this might be more preference. I will be installing 4 smart switches (most likely z-wave) and several smart plugs. In addition to automation and app control, I like the idea of being able to control all the lighting without my phone or an Alexa from my bedroom where I can’t physically see what’s currently on. With the 7 LED status indicators and the drivers posted in the community, it seems to check all boxes. Not having purchased anything besides the hub, I’m open to suggestion. If anyone has had any issues or can make any recommendations I’d appreciate it!

I use the Homeseer 100 and 200 series switches and dimmers and I love them.
GE's latest version with zwave plus are very similar but cheaper option if you want to trade off the LED status lights on the dimmer.

If you really don't mind spraining the wallet and can tolerate another bridge, Lutron Cassetta is likely the most reliable option. I hate the design of their in wall dimmers though.

I’d like to stay away from additional hubs... but we’ll see how that goes. I don’t like the look of the Lutron either @doug thanks for the response
I’m leaning toward zooz or jasco for the remaining regular and dimmer switches, if anyone had any input there it would be appreciated as well

@MyHomeIsSmarter I have all zooz switches in my house. On/Offs and Dimmers. I have some of the older zen23,24 switches as well as the new. All have worked flawlessly for a couple years now, Version 3 switches for a year and still going strong. The version 3's allow you to wire directly into a 3-way.

If your in the US you can check out thesmartesthouse dot com. They have great info (manuals on devices) and customer service.

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