HomeSeer or Hubitat - Why?


The only reason I would use camera on my Home automation setup ( Homeseer)
would be for the ability to process/detect/recognize people locally, for occupancy ( without cloud). I guess i will wait a long time.

1-3 cams outside the house at low fps is enough for me ( for recording).


can hubitat control synology surveillance station profiles (armed/disarmed) state? from this thread it seems like it can?


You might post a separate question (new post) on this, it may/may not work with something like MakerAPI integration, I don't know as I'm not smart enough to know how to use it, but someone here would definitely know for sure many do use that integration. Otherwise they would point you to the right direction if it's possible.


Just realized you meant change the mode on Syno not change the Hubitat mode, not sure that can be done.

As a blue Iris to Synology convert while I haven't done this exact thing but it absolutely can be done, simply alter the end points of the tutorial I put together using Surveillance Studio to activate a virtual motion sensor...



@jeubanks I'm willing to take some of those old Z-wave switches off your hands! Do you still have some?


I've got a whole box full of them.


If you're interested I'll count them out and get you model info and prices on them.


If you already going to use HomeKit for mobile control you can use MYQ HomeKit bridge. Mine works great and you avoid paying anything extra for fees.


How do you mean bridge?