HomeSeer HS-WD200+ dimmer Status LEDs

I have a HomeSeer HS-WD200+ dimmer and wish to set Parameter 13 to 1 each time the dimmer Rule is called. Is this possible with a RM custom command?

The reason is that the current internal driver resets this parameter to 0 periodically and I wish it to stay at 1. I know this should be done in the driver and I've requested it from the Hubitat crew, however I know its a trivial issue and expect it is near the bottom of a long list.

I know this is not enough information to actually set a parameter however this sit the driver line I'm trying to simulate.

cmds << zwave.configurationV2.configurationSet(configurationValue: [1], parameterNumber: 13, size: 1).format()


Custom Action can call any command that the driver presents for a device, and only those commands. It can't "set a parameter" unless there is a device command that does so.

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I'd like to explore this a little're saying that the driver is changing a parameter on the device? What driver is this?

My hardware: HomeSeer HS-WD200+

The specific feature I am referring to is its capability to use what would normally be dimmer indicator LEDs as Status LEDs for non switch related Status.


On this dimmer Parameter 13 controls whether the LED shows the dimmer dim status or the external device status.

Now, when I set Parameter 13 to be in the "Status Mode" I can display the status LED as expected, However, once all the Status Mode LEDs are off the driver seem to revert to the Normal mode.

I am using the internal HS-WD200 driver, however I found code on a different driver that shows code resetting the Status led parameter as a function of whether a Status LED is on or if all the Status LEDs are off. I don't know but I seems like the internal drive is doing the same based on my observations of my dimmer LEDs

codahq's driver code

excerpt of codahq's code....

  if (state.statusled1 == 0 && state.statusled2 == 0 && state.statusled3 == 0 && state.statusled4 == 0  && state.statusled5 == 0 && state.statusled6 == 0 && state.statusled7 == 0) {
    // no LEDS are set, put back to NORMAL mode
  cmds << zwave.configurationV2.configurationSet(configurationValue: [0], parameterNumber: 13, size: 

For the internal driver, what do you have selected for "Enable Status LEDs"? Is that option enabled?

Yes. It does not state so but based on the description I believe it sets Parameter 13.
Then I press "Configure"


I believe that is why that option is being set that way. I would try disabling that option.

Disabling that option, reverts to the default which is the switch front LEDs will indicate only the dim level and no external Status'.

BTW I've used the Basic Z-Wave Tool to sniff around the options and have pretty much convince myself that Parameter 13 must be in the enabled position.

I have not yet, but will, use the Basic Z-Wave tool to verify Parameter is being set back to 0 when all the Status LED's are off.


Do you mean that that parameter is set by that option in the driver?

I believe that to be the case.

This option selected makes the dimmer act similar to when I set Parameter 13 with the Basic Z-Wave tool.


Your assumption is correct. In the driver if none of the status LEDs are set in the set status LED call it reverts to normal mode. This is what the SmartThings device handler did so I did not change the functionality. This was either desired by the person that wrote the original device handler or they were following what the switch's firmware does. I haven't tested myself because I don't really care how it behaves in this case but the switch may actually go back into normal mode if you set LEDs without specifying which LEDs if that makes sense.

What I would do to make sense of this to see if there is flexibility of not setting it back to normal mode is try setting parameter 13 to 1. Check it to make sure it set. Then set some parameter 20 through 27 to a valid color like 1. Check parameter 13 to see that it is still set. Next set all parameters 20 to 27 to off (0). Then check parameter 13 to see its value. If it doesn't go back to 0 then it was just the way that the driver was written I guess.

If you can give me a good use case I would add a preference to my driver to leave parameter 13 alone so the switch/dimmer stays in status LED mode rather than revert to normal mode.

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Thanks for the reply.

If I were to suggest a change it would be to make the "Enable Status LEDs" option to be:


We have no way of knowing how the built-in driver is coded. They are not open-source.

My response was to codahg who has his own version of the driver. Not sure why the forum did not show the reply to indication.

And so was mine.... :smiley:

See? Don't know if that was not showing up for you.

Sorry I missed that, was thinking rather than reading :slight_smile:

Anyway I believe he was referring to his driver for the HS-WD200+ dimmer.

He was? I didn't even know that he had a driver for it because you said you were using the built in driver.

So, I'm not completely following why he would be talking about his driver or how anyone was supposed to know that. :man_shrugging:

Codahg responded to my original post and stated his(?) driver acted the same way and the controlling code was copied from the Smartthings handler so he would not be surprised if the code internal to the Hubitat was similar.

I'm not sure why you would be surprised he had a driver for this device based on my comments or his. Anyway I don't know if you have a HD-WS200+ dimmer and if so you use this feature.

I'd like to explore this a little're saying that the driver is changing a parameter on the device? What driver is this?

I am curious why you wish to explore this further since by your statement we cannot know what is in the internal driver.

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I simply have never seen an internal driver set a device parameter for a configurable option back to a default without that option being pulled out for the user. But since it doesn't seem you really want help, I won't bother. Best of luck!