HomeSeer HS-WD100 ramp rate not setting

I'm trying to configure my HomeSeer dimmers with a faster ramp rate. This worked fine with SmartThings but I can't get it to work on HE. I also found Homeseer WD200 LED Color and Ramp rate which seems to have no answer to the question.

The built-in driver for the WD-200 doesn't support ramp rate at all. I downloaded and modified these two for the WD-100 and WD-200 to work with HE (replaced "physicalgraph" with "hubitat") and played a little bit with how the configure commands are structured, yet no luck affecting the ramp rate settings.

Did anyone else have any luck to get this to work? Or will it just not work and that's why this feature is not included in the official driver?

what driver were you using in smarthings?, also when you mean ramp rate not setting, are you meaning the default ramp rate?, or calling setLevel(level,rampRate)...

Pretty much everyone on ST used Darwin's device handlers for WD100 and WD200 (different DH and thus why WD100 does not work perfect with the driver already available for the WD200).

Yea, unfortunately the built in WD-200 device driver doesn't support ramp rates. The options are there in the settings but nothing happens when you try and use them. It sure would be nice to get this feature for these dimmers because my entire house is outfitted with them. They worked great on ST and they work fine on HE just can adjust the ramp rate or change the status LED color for normal use. It would be great to have this functionality.

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