Homeseer Floodlight Sensor HS-FLS100-G2


Seem to be having an error with the built-in driver Homeseer Floodlight Sensor G2.

I left all settings at default except for the PIR Trigger off time. No matter what I set it to, when I click Save Preference button, I get an error in the logs (don't know if that setting is culprit or not). Here is the error in the log:



can you screen shot your preferences for this device?

@bcopeland here you go:


I know you are busy but did you ever get a chance to look at this error? There is another thread where some users are having same issue.

Thanks for reminding me .. Got lost in the shuffle .. Found it the problem..


Just ordered one of these Homeseer PIRs from Amazon for my outdoor spotlights. Can't wait to try it out! Kinda neat that it touts three different sensor types: motion, lux and temperature.

I mainly just want better control over whether those exterior lights come on at all, such as when I have a houseguest sleeping in one of the rooms they shine into at night. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Sadly, 10 months later, I still haven't installed this device, but plan to!

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