Homeseer flex driver or fw issue

I don't see a firmware update but either the driver or fw is bad and it is reporting every minute when on usb power even though i set it for longer. Any suggestions.



Did you press the button to wake the device? I know the log says you don't need to if it's USB powered, but what really matters is how it was powered at the time of inclusion, not now. I see the battery command class (0x80) listed for your node, which means it was on battery power during inclusion, at least.

No.if battery powered it reports the opposite ie less often not more. Yes i pressed the button. After plugging in and also hit configure. I will.try pressing button before and after doing another configure.

Nope hit button. Did configure .hit button again
Then hit button then save both preferences and device
Still reporting every minute.

Im thinking it is a firmware issue i had it on usb.originally and changed to battery to stop it reporting every minute. it is on the dog fence transmitter near the basement hatch and its cold there ie 45-50 degrees and getting tired of changing batteries every 4 months.

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