Homeseer Devices (Switch, Contact, Plug)

Hello, I wanted to check in with Hubitat support for Homeseer devices. Specifically, 3 of them.

  1. Light Switch/Dimmer. I see the device type for the HS-WD200, but not one for the older 100. I am assuming as the 200 is actually more complicated (more button options/RGB lights), we can just use the 200 for the 100? Seems to make sense. but wanted to be.

  2. Contact Sensor. HS-DS100+ I have not seen any posts for support in Hubitat (nor the opposite). Seems like quite a basic Zwave contact sensor only reporting Open/Closed (not even temperature). Anybody have experience with? Some generic CS work here?


  1. Power Plug. HS-PA100+. Again nothing comes up in searching the community, but again also a pretty simple power plug giving on/off only, no dimming.

This works with the Generic Z-Wave Contact driver. The fingerprint was added to it in the last update. I only have one deployed but it is working well.

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I would also like to see full support for the Homeseer Switches. While the generic Z-Wave driver works, it doesn't support the full functionality of the switches. The switch models in question are as follows:

HS-WS100+ : Currently only the generic Z-Wave Switch
HS-WD100+ : Currently only the generic Z-Wave Dimmer
HS-WS200+ : Currently on y the generic Z-Wave Switch
HS-WD200+ : There appears to already be support for this one but I don't have one to test.

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I have the WS-200 using the HE WD-200 driver. Works great and i can still use double tap and control LED's.

I have WD-100 using the generic CentralScene Dimmer driver. Works as well. I think only thing missing is triple tap.

Wouldn't that cause it to appear with incompatible dimming options in the interface?

Yes, but I just use the switch. Dim doesn't do anything.

It would still be great to have official support for each of the devices rather than having to use a dimmer driver for a switch.

IMHO no triple tap is a big missing feature for this popular switch. Because it's a popular switch, why not go the extra distance and make a WD100 driver that supports triple tap?

If the generic driver can expose double tap, surely it's not difficult to create an official release driver for the WD100 to support triple tap? Well, it is for me because I don't know how :).

The community driver that might support WD100 triple tap is prefaced with a caveat by the creator that the creator didn't really know what they were doing when they tried to port it from ST - so it's a no go for me.

It's really not rocket science getting triple tap to work on that driver. Since Homeseer did it all with scene controls (as they should! Unlike GE... lol) basically the driver just has to support the following.

  1. Press and release the top button, “Scene 001 Key Pressed” preset by the Gateway will be turned ON.
  2. Press the top button twice, “Scene 001 Key Pressed Twice” preset by the Gateway will be turned ON.
  3. Press the top button 3 times, “Scene 001 Key Pressed 3 Times” preset by the Gateway will be turned ON.
  4. Press and release the bottom button, “Scene 002 Key Pressed” preset by the Gateway will be turned ON.
  5. Press the bottom button twice, “Scene 002 Key Pressed Twice” preset by the Gateway will be turned ON.
  6. Press the bottom button 3 times, “Scene 002 Key Pressed 3 Times” preset by the Gateway will be turned ON.

This is yet another case where if Hubitat published the in-box drivers, it could be added in literally <5 minutes. Maybe you guys should email support and get an official enhancement request in the system, or try to get @mike.maxwell attention, and maybe he could add it real quick in his 'spare time'. :smile:

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