Homemade sensor - comparison to aqara


I have a question about creating my own homemade temperature and hunidity sensor. As we know Aqara devices are not fully compatible with any other hub than Xiaomi hub. Thats why people need to create custom drivers in order to handle these sensors.
And what about creating homemade sensor? What should it be like?
I think it should be 100% compatible with Zigbee 1.2 right? And what next? Will I need to create a custom driver for Hubitat then? Or maybe I will be able to use some native Hubitat driver to handle such a sensor?
And where to find information about the Zigbee 1.2 code for such a sensor to be fully compatible with this protocol?
I am not a pro but have some time and would have a bit of fun creating it but I am not sure where to start.
Could you please correct me if I wrote something wrong and give me some advices?


There is at least one homemade sensor. He had these available for sale.


Yeah I know.
But I would like to create my own