Homemade Flashing Light Alert

I'd like to create an inexpensive flashing or rotating strobe light to alert my son that dinner is ready. He often is wearing his headphones while in his room, so I want an alert light that will definitely catch his eye. I was thinking of getting this strobe light and some how wiring it up to a zigbee module to turn on and off.

This particular strobe light is battery powered (3 x 1.5v = 4.5v), so I was thinking of connecting it to a 5V USB cable plugged into a spare zigbee outlet to turn it on/off. But, I'd like to maybe create a self contained device that doesn't rely on an external zigbee outlet. Any ideas on how to make something work that is inexpensive? I do have a few old Zigbee CREE light bulbs that I can salvage parts. Or, is there already a similar solution available?


Zigbee, flashing lights, but also noise. There's three volume levels but no way to have the lights flash without some noise. The lowest is pretty tolerable, not quiet but not ear piercing.
The lights aren't exactly blinding, bright-ish, but not like you'll notice them if you're facing the other way and don't hear the alarm.
But if you can put it in his line of sight, done for just under US$22.

Wonder how accessible the wires to the speaker are...

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