Homemade Alarm Siren


So I'm wanting to make an effective alarm system to include sirens placed throughout the house. I had looked at several all in one Z-wave siren such as the Aeotec Siren 6 but the reviews just don't sound that great in terms of volume and at $60 a pop it seems like you would need to add one to about every room to make it effective.

So then I thought about the idea of creating my own string of sirens throughout the house, tieing them to a Z-wave switch and then just creating a rule for their activation. Aside from the easy to use drivers of an all in one Z-Wave Siren, plus nice chirps for doors opening or the pre-arm/pre-trigger countdown chirps....what would I lose in a homemade system like this?

For example, I'd be using items such as these:


Z-Wave Switch

Forgot to add that the sirens would be getting mounted in the basement and attic.


Ah ha, I'm not the only cheap one. I also bought a siren and used a flashed sonoff basic to turn it on when alarm is triggered. The siren is so loud, I chose to pulse it for 60 seconds, if the alert is not cancelled after 60 seconds,then it goes full bore until the system is disarmed. The whole time my other indoor battery sirens are blaring. My neighbors aren't crazy about my setup and have called the cops at least once.

This is the siren:
Epsilont 30 Watt Siren Dual Tone Indoor/Outdoor Self-Contained Electric Security Siren SD-30W 6-12VDC 1.1Ah 120db 8 X 5.5 X 9 Inch https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01E9P0G5K/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_KKNiDb9A00NZX


For just $10 more you can get to 2-pack! Imagine how appreciative your neighbors would be with twice the noise! :wink:


So one is enough? I was considering around 4....

What does pulse sound like on one of these?


Ok I am lost. What did you hook the siren to??


a app controlled power point/switch (tp link / wemo / etc)


correct, made a short extension cord with sonoff in the middle. when sonoff is on it supplies line power the 12volt/1amp power converter, which powers the siren


What are the opinions for a wifi outlet vs a Z-wave/Zigbee outlet? Is one more reliable over another for this kind of application?