Homekit works across my devices, but no longer on my wife's iPhone

Hi all,

I haven't seen anyone post about this specific issue so hoping someone can point me in the right direction or help figure out the issue.

I've been using Hubitat and the HomeKit integration for about a year (I don't remember when the beta was first released) with no issues on my iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch as well as having my wife use it on her iPhone. It only works when we are physically at our house, which is fine and works for us. However, it is no longer working on her phone.

What I think contributed to getting to this point:
-I upgraded my "home architecture" on my iPhone. After I did this, all of the devices disappeared from HomeKit on my wife's phone.
-I upgraded her "home architecture" but that didn't do anything. When I did this, Apple then tells you you need a home hub to setup and share with users.
-I used the info in this post (I can't include a link but if you search downgrade Home architecture you'll find the apple support page) to download the profiles on all of our iOS devices and revert home back to the original architecture.
-I used the nuclear option to complete reset the HomeKit integration in Hubitat and only added a handful of light switches.

Sprinkled in between these steps was me adding the HomeKit integration to my home on my phone and everything working fine, but whenever I then shared the home with her, she would see all the devices but they would all be "no response"

I wondered if it had to do with for some reason her phone thinks she isn't home and that is why they are "no response" but from everything I can tell in "find my" as well as network settings, everything suggests her phone should understand that it is physically at the house.

I have a Unifi UDM Pro as my router with several VLANs configured as well as a pi hole on a raspberry pi setup. mDNS is allowed between VLANs, but the Hubitat is on my primary network along with all our Apple devices. None of these things have changed since this problem started a few days ago.

Any ideas of what might be causing the issue for her? Thanks for the help! Happy to respond with any screen shots or updated info folks might need to help troubleshoot.

When you upgraded to the new Home architecture, you moved to a new system that requires a home hub (AppleTv or HomePod) in order to share your "home".

"A home hub, such as an Apple TV or HomePod, is required to share control of your home and to receive Home notifications on the new Home architecture. iPad is not supported as a home hub on the new Home architecture."

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Yeah, I wish I had seen that before upgrading. So I am sure that that is the ultimate cause of the issue. However, based on the article I mentioned (which I think I can now link to - https://discussions.apple.com/thread/254934792?sortBy=best), that should reset and revert to the old home architecture. So theoretically if I have done that on both devices, my hope was I could get back to exactly how it was working before doing the unfortunate upgrade.

First I've heard of this method. I accidentally deleted my HomeKit home with another legacy HomeKit app, and was forced to create it all over again, which was of course the new HomeKit by default. Ended up needing to upgrade my MacOS to get access back on my laptop too.

Sounds like the downgrade only half works anyway. Kind of sucks, but I'm afraid you will need to upgrade everything to the latest OS to get full functionality back. Unfortunately for some, that may mean new devices. Apple isn't playing around when they want you to upgrade!

I'm finding the new HomeKit automations (of which I require a few) to be a bit slow on my AppleTV 4 HD. Will probably upgrade it to a new Apple TV 4K 3rd Gen with Ethernet so I can also have a thread boarder router in the house when Matter is a worthwhile addition.

I wanted to provide an update to the community on this issue. I spent a few hours working with Apple support to try to identify and correct the issue. We tried connecting a few devices directly through HomeKit (e.g., Ecobee thermostat, Nanoleaf Elements) and those worked just fine on both my devices and my wife's phone. So it seemed like the issue was specifically with Hubitat and not HomeKit / Home app.

I decided to use the nuclear option again within Hubitat and initially only include a single zwave smart outlet just to see what would happen with a very simple configuration. After that came up and worked on my phone, I checked my wife's and sure enough it was there and working. I'm not exactly sure which combination of steps made it work, but we at least have basic functionality now.

I've started to slowly add more devices and more complex device types, and everything has come through OK so far. I'm hoping to add the rest of the devices this weekend and get everything configured how it was.

So, if anyone else runs into a similar issue if they accidentally upgrade the Apple HomeKit architecture, there is a path back! I just couldn't give you exactly what steps need to happen in what order to make it happen. :wink: