Homekit with GE/Jasco

Just started looking at the Homekit built-in. My house is setup with GE/Jasco switches, motion switches, dimmers, fan controls, door sensors and Amazon echo/alexa control. Initial results show generally good results with Generic Z-Wave switch and dimmer types.
The Jasco ZWave motion switch types are not recognized and don't show up in the Homekit app. Not usable yet.
The GE Enbrighten Z-Wave smart switches show up in Homekit but as multiple switches called a controller instead of a switch. Not usable yet.
The GE smart fan control switch shows up in Homekit and can only turn the fan on, but not off, or change the fan speed. Not usable yet.
The Z-Wave door/window sensor is not recognized by Homekit. Not usable yet.
The GE 40 amp smart switch is not recognized by Homekit. Not usable yet.
Kasa smart wifi plug? I assume not going to be supported?
Early days with a beta, so the results are to be expected. I'm glad to see Hubitat taking this on. Hopefully we'll see better integration with non generic types. Not sure of Amazon's support of echo/Alexa in the future. Nice to have other options. Keep it up!

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The “controller” issue is happening with some of my Zooz switches as well. My Zen32 shows up as like 75 switches in one and my Zen76 as 35 or so.

For the GE fan issue, it looks like if you don’t slide but press about where you want it, it will stick. Apparently this is fixed in the next release.

Having the same issues with my GE/Jasco Zwave switches, dimmers, and motion switches. Thank you for the summary.

FYI... my switches came over as many switches and didn't function properly. I went back and created virtual switches and used the room lighting app to turn on the actual switches from a virtual switch. I then only imported the virtual switches to HomeKit. Mine is working perfectly so far.

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Greetings grussellgreen!
And, thank you K7UW for posting this question. I too was having this issue. I've been looking for a fix or workaround. I really like these GE/Jasco in-wall motion sensor dimmer/switches. They have been solid performers for me and the backbone of my Z-Wave mesh. I was disappointed in the way they show up in HomeKit.
I'm glad to see someone else try the virtual switch workaround, and glad to hear it's working.
Awesome stuff team!

I have been shown a better way to integrate our GE/Jasco in-wall motion switch/dimmers. It works. I had similar issues with some fan switches. This fixed them as well.
Open the HomeKit (beta) app in HE. scroll to the bottom of the page, there you find three toggles. One of them is "show advanced", or "advanced something", (I'm away from the device or I'd take a picture, there's only three and you can see the correct one)
Toggle that "on", the page will reload, look at those GE/Jasco (and other) devices now. Now you will see that you can change the way HomeKit "sees" them. Select "dimmer" or "Switch" as appropriate. You can change them all, one at a time, letting the system, pause or flash between each device change. Then bottom right, click done.
In a few seconds, Open you HomeKit and you can see those devices now as switches or dimmers. You can further customize each, in the Home App (iOS device) to show as fans, lights, switches... (most but not all).
Solution found in this community, I can't recall who, but I will give them credit here when I find it again...
Found it. This wonderful suggestion was from jtp10181.


I have the GE/Jasco Zigbee switches and they are showing up as "lights". I did not care that much but I did find it odd.

It is always interesting the little tweaks and oddities each setup encounters. I noticed that as well. The ones I was initially disappointed with were my GE/Jasco motion dimmers and switches (Z-wave). These are my primary light switches and motion detection system for every room. They showed as motion sensors without the ability to control the lights. That wouldn't work for me. jtp10181 posted the mentioned solution and with that it works perfectly. That also enabled a few other switches to work properly. Fans were my next biggest issues followed by a few outlets and other brand switches. Some Zooz I think. This suggestion fixed over 95% of my concerns. There are a couple that work great but I can't change how they "look" (fan, switch, light) but that is minimal.

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Can’t wait to try this! Looks like a much better solution.

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