HomeKit weird device

Yesterday, I had a 5 button controller show up in homekit. The problem is I dont have a 5 bitton controller. Any suggestions how figure out where this came from? I do have some sooz dimmers, but I currently have scene control disabled.

Is it the mode switch that you have opened in your screen capture? If so, this is created by the HomeKit integration for control of your Hubitat modes. You can turn this off in the advanced settings of the HomeKit Integration app as shown below. (Although, I’m not 100% sure this is what you’re showing, because the mode switch produced by the HomeKit integration should come across with the correct mode names, but maybe there’s some reason yours didn’t get their names.)


Yep. That was it! Weird, i’ve been using the Homekit integration close to a year and this has never shown up before. Thanks!

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