HomeKit + Samsung Zigbee Button not working

I've been on Homebridge for years and had Hubitat integrated via Maker API. I decided to give the new HomeKit integration a try. First off... thanks for this!

The issue i'm having is with Samsung's Zigbee buttons. I am able to add the buttons and advertise them to HomeKit. They show up as expected.

In the Home app I can add ACTIONS -- single press, double press, long press -- but I can't get them to work. I see the presses in Hubitat debug logs, but they don't make it to HomeKit.

As a workaround, I created virtual buttons and shared those with HomeKit then created rules to translate the physical press to virtual press, then assigned the press ACTIONS in Home to the virtual buttons. And that works perfectly for some reason. :thinking:

This all worked in Maker API. Any thoughts?


I had exactly the same experience with a Sonoff zigbee button (SNZB-01).
At least with your virtual button idea, I’m now able to use it… A little bit cumbersome for four button but better than nothing!

Same issue here. Buttons are configured but nothing happens on press.

I'll take a look. Most of my testing took place with a virtual button.


It should work with, released today.
Note that if a device supports both switch and button functionality, it will default to switch.
The device can be turned back into a button by opening HomeKit integration app, scrolling to bottom, making sure this toggle is on:

Then scrolling to the device in question, click Button link and confirm selection.

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Awesome! That update did the trick. The button is working with tap, double tap, and hold.

Thank you!!

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Did the update to, everything is working now!

Works great after the update, thanks!

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