HomeKit Reliability

Hello! I have been using the homekit app for a while now but have not gotten the reliability to 100% yet especially with lights that are in groups with other bulbs or switches. It seems that when I try to change the color or temperature only a few of the lights will change and I have to try it a few times before everything is aligned. However if I go in to the hubitat app and change the group color they all adjust at the same time. I am not sure if this is an issue with homekit or the settings in my group but any help would be appreciated.

That's the nature of HomeKit and not the integration via Hubitat. Depending on your setup, it would probably be easier to send the group into HomeKit rather than individual bulbs. This way if you send a color command via HomeKit, Hubitat will send out a group message (depending on the type of bulbs you use).

Yeah that was going to be my first question, are you sharing the individual bulbs or the groups? I would setup a group in RL with an activator, then share the activator to HK.

I am currently sharing the group. However I am using the older Group2.1 instead of room lighting. Could that be causing the issue?

I know there was some work done in RL with zigbee groups to get it working right but I think the old groups app also used zigbee grouping, so may not make a difference.

So if you command the devices via the group "device" direct on HE it works, but via HK it is inconsistent? That really makes no sense since the only difference is one extra hop. Once the command goes from HK > HE group the rest of the process flow will be identical.

What type of bulbs are you using and which driver?

I agree, but there has to be something else because it works flawlessly in HE but will almost never change all the lights at the same time in HK

Turn on all the logging in the group and devices and see what that looks like.

I am using "Sengled Element Color Plus"

With which driver?

That is the driver name, it is built in

You could try a different driver and see if it works better. See if advanced zigbee RGBW does the trick. Otherwise, you could set it up in Room Lighting and send the Activator Device to HomeKit.