HomeKit “No Response”, any resolution?

I have the same issue. Almost very day “no response” in all Apple Homekit devices. I have a C8 in the lastest FW and an Apple TV 2023 as homekit hub

Here’s how you confirm or rule out mdns issues on your network causing this.


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Was this with the restart every 1 hour setting enabled or disabled? With that enabled it should die every hour for a few seconds.

No, the only non-manually generated restart would be at 2:35 am if memory is too low.

It “no response”d one hour after manually restarting to restore connection.

Sorry, you meant “restart HomeKit integration” hourly.

Yes that was on, but it went no response and stayed that way.

Turning restart option off for testing.

See my post at Done with Hubitat Homekit for now - #10 by TArman

I'm having the same problem. Regularly see "No response" in Apple Home app. Restarting the integration hasn't work, only rebooting Hubitat works.

Have Hubitat C7 and 3 ATVs, all are hardwired. Hubitat has static IP assignment.

Is this a widespread issue?

I have the same issue.
Restart hourly does not fix this in my case.

2x Apple 4K TV (2022) - hard wired to network (latest FW)
1x Hubitat 8 (latest FW)
1x Hubitat 7 (latest FW)
2x iPhone 13 (Latest IOS)

If I do nothing, it seems to "fix" itself after a few hours.
If I reboot HE(s) this issue is also fixed.

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I now do this “ping/ack” once every 6 hours and have not seen this problem since I started using it.