Homekit no longer finds Hubitat hub

Apple Home app stopped responding to all HE devices on June 2, 2023, Did something changed with Apple Homekit? It was working fine for a few days on the new Homekit architecture but now it is broken. I went ahead removed the HE bridge from Apple Home but now I cannot add it back, getting the "Accessory Not Found" error. I'm able to ping the Apple HomePod from the HE network diagnostic tool so it obviously sees it. I recently migrated to the C8 from C7 a fews days ago before the issue started, I'm hoping it isn't related to the migration.

I'm not aware of any recent changes to the HomeKit Integration. I am aware of lots of users who have had problems (not just with Hubitat) using the "new" Home architecture the Home app makes available, so that stands out most to me. But once you've upgraded, there is no official path back.

So, what I might try, if you haven't already, is to see if one of the options available in the HomeKit Integration app help you. These are under "Advanced" towards the bottom of the page. The "relaxed security" option can help if if you don't already have it enabled. If that still doesn't help, you'll likely need to use either "Unpair all controllers" or "Reset QR and pairing code" (might as well do the second since you'll have to re-pair everything anyway). If you still had the integration...well, integrated...I'd also be curious if a plain restart of the integration (also an option there) might have helped.

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Thanks for the reply. But, I was able to resolve the issue by assigning a static IP to the HE hub.

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Probably better to use DHCP reservations. (This also ensures internet connectivity). You should also do reservations for any wifi iot device (including your homekit hubs)

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