Homekit keeps disconnecting

Hello. Homekit integration keeps breaking down. It breaks at least once a day. When I refresh the integration, it is fixed immediately. What is the solution to this?

First remember, this feature is still in beta. That said make sure that relaxed security is on. Make sure all your apple stuff is on 16.2 or better. (Homepod's, phones, tv's etc)

Now once all that is checked uncheck all the devices you're exposing to web kit. Pick 3 or 4 and wait and see if that ends up doing anything. If not add a few more and wait a day. Rinse and repeat. When it comes up no response, uncheck the ones you previously added and then add 1 at a time till you find the one that's causing the no response.

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I wish mine fixed immediately when I did an integration refresh. I'm just waiting for it to improve over time. It was working when I woke but but then after I came back from walking the dog it was down. I lose internet on my phone when walking my dog but my iPad is still in the house and it also loses connection. The whole thing is a mystery to me why it's so spotty.

Do you have a Home hub, or are you on the old Home architecture? iPads are no longer supported as a Home hub.

I have 2 Apple TV's being hubs. Just talking about the Home App also not responding on my iPad. One is active and the other shows standby.

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I am using Apple TV. When I try to renew the integration, it is fixed immediately, but doing this all the time is torture. I hope it gets fixed soon. My friends are having this problem.

I had this issue, too, but was just using HomeKit on my iPhone. After adding a HomePod Mini it's been reliable (but I've also updated Hubitat so I'm not sure which helped). So far so good, though. Are you on the latest Hubitat hub version?