HomeKit integration support of VirtualOmniSensor & driver update

I'm using VirtualOmniSensor to expose some temperature/humidity sensors to HomeKit via mirroring. Works great.

However I would also like to expose air quality sensors to HomeKit (particulate matter and carbon dioxide in particular, both are supported by HomeKit)

  • VirtualOmniSensor supports carbon dioxide but the HomeKit integration does not appear to offer it either as a device category or as an "extra" - can this be added ?
  • there is no capability for particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 are the standard metrics here). Is there any appetite to add this (and then add it to VirtualOmniSensor) ?
  • VirtualOmniSensor does not support the battery capability (which the HomeKit integration does forward I think - can this be added?
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To clarify this request : built-in virtual device drivers provide a means to expose LAN or cloud-based devices to HomeKit via the integration app, by mirroring attributes from the actual device. This only works if, for a given device capability, there exists a built-in virtual device driver with that capability.

VirtualOmniSensor seems like a natural candidate to extend, but alternatively a built-in VirtualAirQualitySensor (with an additional particulate matter capability) would work great.

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