Homekit integration has gone mental

I just arrived home...Sun is shining through the main bedroom window, so to avoid sleeping in a sauna tonight I thought I better cover the window:

"Hey Siri....Close the Bedroom Curtain"

At this point what I would describe as not possible occurred:

  • Bedroom Curtain Closed (I asked for this)
  • Blanket outlet turned on (not controlled in any automation)
  • Sleep in virtual switch turned on (turns on with 'Goodnight') but only between two times and if Goodnight is turned on after 11PM within those times.
  • Night Light turned on (turns on with 'Goodnight')
  • Bedroom light turned on (turns on with 'Goodnight')
  • Bedside light 1 turned on (turns on with 'Goodnight')
  • Bedside light 2 turned on (turns on with 'Goodnight')
  • TV turned on (Harmony integration turns on with 'Good Morning')

The logs show that both my Goodnight and Good Morning virtual switches turned on.

How on earth do I diagnose that? The only thing of not is that the hub was rebooted this morning as the memory was down to about 150000.


My Lounge HomePod has now without warning started playing Brother by Kodaline.

I had a few momentary power outages this past week - I believe one that was VERY short fouled my HomeKit / HE integrations (I'm receiving a Konnected battery backup for the HE today, the only hub/bridge not on a UPS). Since my home was operating reliably before that, I checked the Mode setting and cycled it. That seemed to fix it, but I also then rebooted the Hubitat for good measure.

I guess I'm trying to say if this is a one-off event and otherwise your home has been working for you, there might not be much to go on in the way of diagnosing the issue, or a reason to spend the time.


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I'e gone through all the events for the individual devices, however they don't provide the necessary information. For a number of the devices, I can see that they were turned on by my 'Good Morning' and 'Good Night' Rule Machine instances. However those rules are in turn triggered by virtual switches, also named 'Good Morning' and 'Good Night' and the 'Produced By' column for those virtual switches turning on is empty. I've posted regarding that before but the Hubitat staff have not responded; the Homekit app (IMHO) should be listed in the 'Produced By' column for a device that is operated using it and it's not, it leaves a blank column.

I have had one or two individual outlets and lights turn themselves on, but again the reason could not be confirmed due to the lack of an entry in the 'Produced By' column.

@gopher.ny is it possible to to get the Homekit Integration to populate the 'Produced By' column when it is the app that the device was operated by? It does work for Maker API but not Homekit. Thanks.

Last evening, HomeKit decided to turn on a bunch of lights in one room of my house. I am guessing that it was a HomePod Mini that possibly thought it heard something... I am still using HomeBridge/MakerAPI for some of the lights that were turned on, and the Device Events history show that MakerAPI was the source. Other lights that came on were using the native Philips Hue and Lutron Caseta HomeKit integrations. Thus, I am pretty confident that it was HomeKit that initiated the changes to all three platforms. Unfortunately, I don't see a way to review what Siri thinks she heard us say. Amazon Alexa has a nice "What did you hear" feature to help troubleshoot this type of issue.


Good to know - I’m setting up a few Homepod minis this week, and I’m going to try to place them where they’re less likely to hear things accidentally ….

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I had the same issue happen with my kitchen lights last night. Went on a few times without any motion in the room. I’m also using the homebridge/makerapi.

I think my issue is not so simple. As it stands you cannot issue multiple commands in a row from one “Hey Siri”. This morning as described, I issued one voice command and multiple things were activated simultaneously.

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