HomeKit Integration - Generic Z-wave lock not appearing

I have a Generic Z-Wave Lock (Kwikset) that works fine in Hubitat...Was playing with the new HomeKit integration and noticed that the lock is not available in my Home App via HomeKit.

Is there a problem with my set up on the Hubitat side or is this lock simply not compatible?

It does not show up as an Incompatible device in the App either.

From the Homekit Integration Documentation:

Thanks for setting me straight.

You know you're not getting away without explaining the "jah Burger no Pickles." :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wish it was something interesting. It’s the name my son Gave my phone.


Is the lack of Alan wifi or cloud services the reason the my TP link/Kasa bulb (front porch) does not pass through to HomeKit as well.

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Yes. You can create a group device (group of one) with the bulb and share the group device to Homekit.

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That's great!

But let's not let him name any of your other children, OK? :wink:


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