Homekit Integration, blank app page

Yes Sir. Thank you for the response. Yes, I read through the posts above and did just that. Deleted the app, rebooted, and reinstalled Homekit.
It appeared to work for a few minutes, but as soon as I added another Z-wave Device, the error returned. :frowning:

Its an easy fix with access to the code, whatever is on line 518 needs a null check apparently.

One thought I have is check the device you added last for the attributes. Are any of them "null" (blank) or missing (like if its a switch, is the switch attribute there)? You may need to do a refresh on the device so they populate?

Thats the only thing I can think of that could be null on a device you just added to the app.

Thank you. Where might one view the code you mentioned? Is that the engineering logs mentioned by @gopher.ny in a previous post? I guess I assumed those weren't accessible, but I'd love to look if you can direct me. :slight_smile:

The code is not public, cannot do anything about it without devs reviewing it.

Did you check your devices to see if any have null or missing attributes as I suggested?

Sorry to be dumb here... Do you mean if I click on "Devices" tab and then view the "DNI" section? If so, then yes, there are no blanks or nulls... Including virtual devices, zigbee, Hue Groups, etc, I have about 230 Devices listed.
I do wonder if I missed a step on my Z-wave radio reset...
On a few of the z-wave devices I've re-adopted, occasionally they adopt, but are hanging on to the attributes of the previous z-wave device that was assigned to it.. I can still do swap-device, which seems to fix itself, but with so many devices, I'm bound to have a Z-wave device reused.

No, the "Current States" on the device itself is what I am saying to check for missing or null values. Where it would show "switch: on" for a switch device, etc... It would only apply to devices you have authorized in the HK app. Or delete the app again and get it working again, then only add one device at a time and you will know which one breaks it.

Thats probably where you did not rename the DNI on the old one, so it is attaching itself to the old device. Probably not very good, you could have incorrect information (from prior device) in the data at the bottom of the device page.

Unless you are only talking about device settings, some devices an exclude/include does not reset all settings, only a factory reset does.

Fix coming in the next build

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