HomeKit export mode switch

I have been really enjoying using my hubitat elevation for backend/complicated rules, and using HomeKit for the clean UI on the front end.

With that said, I have been putting off implementing day/night modes for my automations.

After toying with the HomeKit integration, I came across the “export mode switch” toggle, turned it on, and started putting some simple day/night automations together on HomeKit.

As I come back to my HE to make sure everything is congruent between HomeKit and HE, I realize that the day and night switches I started using in HomeKit [from hubitat] are nowhere to be found in my hubitat UI?

Am I missing something here? I did not have mode manager setup prior to turning on that toggle through the HomeKit integration.

I realize I can use virtual switches to close the loop of hubitat > HomeKit > hubitat - but that seems needlessly complicated.

All I wanted to do for now was assign the “day” and “night” switches from HomeKit to a Zooz zen32 using HE.

Where did I get lost? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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