HomeKit device capabilities

I'm trying out the built-in integration after using the Tonesto7 Homebridge app for a long time. The Homebridge app is more flexible in choosing device capabilities and I am wondering if adding some more flexibility is in the roadmap for the native integration. A few examples/observations:

  • Room Lighting group activators with RGBW bulbs only show up as dimmers in the native app. Those RGBW capabilities show up in the Homebridge app.
  • I have a GE motion dimmer. It has both dimmer and motion capabilities. Using the community driver with no child devices only the motion sensor shows up in the native app. The driver can separate dimmer and sensor into child devices. Separated devices work in the native app. Separated devices are not necessary for the Homebridge app.
  • Also, there are both 'Dimmable Light' and 'Dimmer' sections. This motion dimmer child dimmer device gets put into 'Dimmable Light' (as do a few other lights from 3rd party drivers), while most get the 'Dimmer' category. There's no apparent difference in the Home app.