HomeKit compatible outdoor cameras?

IN the next few months, we are looking to drop Vivint. I can replace the doorbell and inside cameras with Aqara, and that is the plan. We need to figure out what we can replace the outdoor cameras with. I really do not want to go back to battery or USB powered camera, does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives? Preferably POE is that is a possibility. I Found a Lorex system as an alternative, but says nothing about home kit, so I assume I would need to use their app. Ideally I wanted something where we could just check the cameras from AppleTv rather than having to dig out a phone ot tablet all the time.

I use Scrypted to get my Hikvision cameras and Reolink doorbell into the Apple Home app. Works with a ton of IP cameras.


I would look into a low-end "professional" IP camera systems which make it easy to get POE. The smarter cameras will even have decent motion detection built in -- motion detection that is actually usable, like line-crossing and area-intrusion events. You can either get a network video recorder from the same OEM or run the NVR on a PC. Blue Iris is popular commercial software, but Scrypted is new to me and it looks great.

Lots of good info on this site:

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I also use Scrypted, however I use Ubiquiti's UniFi Protect Camera/NVR system. Has been working great, and we enjoy the integration with our AppleTV streaming media devices and our iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macbook laptops.


I use Foscam and Reolink cameras with Camect. I then just share motion over to Homekit if I really want to. Being IP cams I can put them straight on a dashboard too..

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