Homekit Beta and Modes

Hey everyone. Happy Sunday! :smile:

It’s probably posted somewhere else and I’ve missed it — if so, I am sorry.

So I’m loving the integration with Homekit. For a while, I had virtual switches for each of my modes and they were working great.

Then, the integration started giving me grief, so I ignored it for a while.

Now, I can’t find a way to accomplish this. I’ve tried setting up a vitual switch for each mode, but they don’t show up in Homekit. So then I tried Mode Manager, and set up six buttons, but the children are being ignored in Homekit.

Any suggestions?

As always, thanks so much!!!

When you go into the integration are they checked?

Yes, they are. I can see the six buttons, but no assignments. The virtual switches are shared but don’t show up in HomeKit.

To troubleshoot it, I tried power cycling everything. A few missing items showed up in Homekit, But still no modes. :frowning:

You bring good karma! Suddenly, my mode switches work!

Thanks so much! :smile:

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