HomeKit app not working

I installed the HomeKit app but when I open it to pick the devices to sync I just get a blank page.

I have deleted it and add the app again and I get the following screen so I select enable integration then I get the blank screen again.

I am trying to sync some devices and I am not able to bring that screen up. The only screen I can get is the following.

am I doing something wrong. I am trying to send virtual sensors I created to HomeKit to get data from my water sensors to make the Bulldog valve shutoff.


Are you running HomeKit (HK) from your phone, or using a HomePod or AppleTV? If just from your phone - bear in mind I never operated w/o a HomePod as a Homekit hub - I think you need to insure both apps are running to be able to see each other (H.Elev. and HK apps). Even with an Apple hub, it can take a few minutes to see devices in HK which have been enabled by HE.

Thanks I am using both Apple TV hub and HomePod hub. I will wait and see.

Do I need to reset anything since I added/deleted several times during my trying to get it to work.

You can unlink and relink HK from the Hue Integration app (under Advanced, at the bottom of the app's screen).

I haven't had such trouble with it, so not sure what else to recommend. There's the insuring that your phone & hubs are updated, it's best to do with with HE connected with Ethernet, try to place the HE hub at least a few feet distant from your router & the apple hubs.