HomeKit and HE getting out of sync for a device

Benchtesting HomeKit with a new z-wave device paired with HE, and things are getting out of sync. The device is a N4012 smart plug/dimmer from "New One". HE chose "Generic Z-Wave Plus Dimmer" when the N4012 was added. For benchtesting, I have a lamp with a Philips 60W dimmable LED bulb plugged into the N4012.

I created a single tile HE dashboard that controls only the N4012 and a Zooz ZEN77 dimmer. The N4012 (and attached lamp) work as expected when controlling the N4012 from the HE dashboard.

HomeKit shows the device on my iPhone as a dimmer switch.

Here's an example of an unexpected result shown on my iPhone. All actions are initiated from the HE dashboard. Unless stated otherwise, all three devices (HE, HomeKit, and the lamp) do what was expected.

  1. Turn on lamp to 100%.
  2. Set level to 50%.
  3. Turn off lamp by clicking on tile, i.e., not using the slider.
  4. Turn on lamp by clicking on tile, i.., not using the slider. The lamp turns on at 50%. The HE tile shows the lamp as on and at 50%. HomeKit shows the lamp on at 100%.

I can get HomeKit back in sync by terminating the Home app and reopening it. At that point, it will show the lamp on at 50%. However, if I turn the lamp on and off again from the HE time, HomeKit shows it at 100% again, even though it is at 50%.

Is the above scenario what is expected, or should HomeKit reflect the correct level when the light is turned on from HE?

I have a similar test setup using a Zooz ZEN77 dimmer switch to control a lamp. I can turn the lamp on/off and set the level from both an HE tile and HomeKit. However, in this case, HomeKit never shows any state changes made by the HE tile. If I turn the lamp off from HE, HomeKit shows it as still on. HomeKit doesn't reflect level changes made by HE unless I terminate and restart the app.

Last question... on the HE tile, I can turn a lamp on to its last brightness level by clicking on any part of the tile other than the slider. I don't see a way to do the same with HomeKit. Is there a way to do that, and to turn off the lamp with HomeKit without pulling the slider to the off position?

Where should I go from here?

I have the same experience with some Hampton Bay Fan Controllers. When I use HE to control them the changes are not reflected in Homekit unless I reboot the Home app. I just checked and found that closing and reopening the Home app does not change the light status. The only way to get the correct status of the light is to use the Home app only.