Homebridge Plug-in


it's similar with 'log surfing' -- watching logs and knowing 'by feel' if the results are showing up 'normally' or not. My 'coordinator' logs are pretty much seeing everything. "Snappy" is the metric I have :smiley:


I am SO jelly.

So which is better to move towards? MakerAPI or HubConnect?


I know nothing of MakerAPI version.. I've only used HubConnect.

MakerAPI is a 'smaller' install and is native/built-in.
HubConnect continues to target a multi hub environment. If you have a 2nd Hubitat or a SmartThings you're still using, HubConnect would be better.

In other words, let your total system needs dictate the product choice, not the specific App. :smiley:


Awesome work Dan...thanks for the reply. Looking forward to trying it out as soon as you make it ready. I only have the one Hub so and excited to try it using the built in MakerAPI version.


@dan.t @tonesto7 New to the party - would be great to maybe start a new thread on this, this is not pretty buried and hard to access being that there are 544 posts


split topic requested from support.


Take a look here:


Thanks for all the work you've done and congrats on the new plugin...

I'm officially obsolete now :slightly_smiling_face:


Strange feeling eh?
Hopefully it turns into a group effort where everybody can keep making things faster, better, stronger.....


You can always leave SmartThings and come over to the light....


I just found a pretty nice HomeKit app. The only negative is that it’s $11.99

HomeDash by inbrillio UG (haftungsbeschrankt)


I've been eyeing this same app but yeah, expensive. I wish someone would come up with something where you could actually design your own dashboard with resizable buttons etc. I had a Vera hub before Hubitat and loved this app:
HomeWave by Intvelt ‎HomeWave on the App Store
Wish something like it existed for Homekit.