Homebridge "code updates available homebridge v2"

What am I missing here? I can't seem to find a way to 'update' this in Hubitat. All I see is this:

How does one update this? In Homebridge the plugin is updated, so nothing to do there, but there must be a way to update this in Hubitat?


I assume you installed with HPM?

Have you done an HPM update ?

There is, since there is both a homebridge plugin and a Hubitat app that makes this integration with Homebridge function.

As @nh.schottfam mentioned, it depends how you installed the app onto your hub in the first place.

If you used Hubitat package manager, update it from within that Hubitat app.

If you manually added the code for the app from the dev’s GitHub, then copy and paste the raw groovy code of the newer version into the app code that’s in the hub’s settings menu.

Ah! That's what I missed! Thank you!!

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Yes! HPM updated! Thank you!