Homeassistant Setup on QNAP NAS (and probably similar to a Synology install)

In case this helps anyone, I spent a day trying out different methods to set up HomeAssistant on my QNAP NAS and think I found the easiest solution which worked out of the box.. The goal was to try to get some unsupported devices on HE to be accessed. I believe they can be used together to form a more complete automation solution. It’s my first time using HA and I don’t have a solid opinion of HA as of yet.

Here’s what I tried and failed in different ways (try at your own risk or just skip to bottom):

  1. My first attempt was to use Container Station and try to load in a Docker of HomeAssistant. Followed many tutorials including the one posted on HA. Got it to work, but the install wouldn’t respect my locations by default, and when I tried to install some integrations, I found out HACS (used to install 3rd party integrations) wasn’t supported by the HA version installed which is the basic one. It is very limited. Many devices will also not properly connect although they show up. I found myself going crazy and attempting to edit all kinds of files.
  2. Second option is to directly use a QnapClub (3rd party App Center) HomeAssistant .qpkg install. Attempted to do this but it asked for Apache81 to be installed first. I went searching for it and there’s a charge plus several security warnings floating around the web regarding this Apache81 install. Decided to find a different method or give up.

Here’s what worked easily and provides the most capabilities:

  1. Install Virtualization Station if you haven’t already.
  2. Download and import the .ova file (VMware ESXi/vSphere) of HomeAssistant at the link below. Keep in mind that I wouldn’t follow the instructions provided by HA on this page:
  3. Use default settings in Virtualization Station.
  4. Wait as it installs and proceed to setup. Note that the IP address will be different from your NAS now.

That’s it.


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