Home security monitoring system transition

I’m a pretty new hubitat user and I had spectrum IntelligentHome. As they cancelled the service I have 6 ip cameras which I’m told different story on if they can be reused. I want a monitored service that can be integrated and works well with hubitat. I’m not sure how to proceed. Any advice would be appreciated!

From what I've researched, monitored security systems are a walled garden. If 'monitor' means they have people to call you and then the cops when the alarm goes off then it's easy to see why they don't let others play in their garden - their own equipment has enough false alarms. Opening their platform just increases that burden and they can't up-sell you for their home automation services.

If you don't want their hand holding there was a recent post here about using Synology for the cameras and getting some integration with Hubitat.

My home is a fortress... I have cameras everywhere, every inch of my property is recorded 24/7 with audio... I also have the most well lit house at night in the neighborhood, all my exterior lighting runs dusk to dawn... I am satisfied by doing my own alarm monitoring..

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I would suggest finding a dedicated, monitored alarm service that meets your needs, and then look into Konnected as a way to integrate it with Hubitat.

Just curious, but what have you been told? I don’t use this service from spectrum, but when the announcement got media coverage, it was my understanding that devices like cameras had been locked into Spectrum via the device firmware and would not work with other services, which spectrum had no intention of changing for their customers.

I haven’t really kept up on any updates, did they change their mind?

Son what to tell you on the cameras. I have the Ring Alarm and use this integration. It’s excellent and covers my personal requirement of having the alarm system independent of my Home Automation hub, and yet integrated so I can utilize the sensors for triggering events on the hub and using the keypad to control other devices on the hub, as well as arming and disarming the alarm system with my door lock and presences, and arming the whole lot with Alexa or the press of a Pico button.

Ring’s no-contract monitoring fee is very low, and the alarm hub itself offers free cellular backup. Also has an excellent Z-Wave 700 implementation that so far has been very stable and fast.