Home Remote questions

Can anyone Clarify where I can get the details to these questions? I tried to follow the instructions and I get stuck with the lines circled in red below. I tried to read the provided instructions page with new luck or lack of understanding.

You’ll get these from the MakerAPI instance you use for the Home Remote.

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Hi, I tried to pull this info but where do I find the app ID and Access Token? I can find my Hub ID and obviously my IP address. Just can't figure it out and the link is not clicking with me.

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Hi, thank you for your response. I’m not sure what I need to past into “app id”.

Is it the “67”? Or the whole code?


Like this? Doesn’t seem to be working.

Try using just for the IP address instead of
(in other words, remove the http://)

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Thank you, I just popped over to the Home Remote site and was walked through it.

For the future here is the entry format for anyone not savvy like myself:
(Example access token and hub ID only)

IP Address =>
App Id => 67
Access Token => 0decb00d-f0e0-000c-af1f-00fba0ed0f0f
Hub Id => 000d000b-c000-0000-a00e-ade0f00cdb00