Home Kit on C-5

I updated my spare C-5 to the latest but cannot find a Hone kit integration.
(I want to check what it is.)
Where is it?
Or Home Kit integration is only available on C-7?

It works on a C4, go to apps, at the to right of screen click on Add Built-in App.

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No, it's available on all hub models. If you just updated, I'd give it a few minutes and then try again (the displayed app list works from a cache that may not be updated immediately after an update).


OK, Now I see Home Kit App. available so I added it.
I have no idea how this app/integration should work but:

  1. I don't see my Ecobee Thermostat on a Device List;
  2. It looks like I must have an Apple app and/or whatever Apple Device.
    This is not a case for my setup.

I was thinking to move HomeKit - Ecobee integration from Home Assistant
directly to the HE (i.e. bypassing even HA). This does not look like a case.
So I will leave my current setup "as is".

See: HomeKit Integration | Hubitat Documentation

Ecobee will not work via Hubitat because it is not Zigbee or Z-Wave (or built-in virtual, though that might be a workaround you could do with some more work). You don't need an Apple "home hub" (HomePod or Apple TV), though that does enable more features that you may want. You probably do want at least one Apple device of some kind, otherwise there's no point in HomeKit integration (how are you going to use it?).

Based on what you wrote, it seems like you might also be confusing two different things. As documented, this integration is for getting (many) Hubitat devices into HomeKit. It does not pretend to be a HomeKit "controller" for getting HomeKit-only devices into Hubitat (Home Assistant can do both; this is the difference between the HomeKit integration and the HomeKit Controller integration; Hubitat's--and newly every other--is more like the first).

You are 100%+ correct - my use case is to bring in Home Kit devices to HE.
My current (recent) Ecobee integration with HE is done via HA/Home Kit Controller.
Now it is 100% local and I am very happy I did this.
Bye, Bye Ecobee Cloud.

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