Home Kit App is Unreponsive

Home Kit stops responding, it is does not recover on resets.

Nuclear option of Reseting the QR Code recovered the diveces for a few days.

This issue started occurring a few months ago after upgrading to the C8 hardware.

@support_team any reccomendations?

This is not going to be much help but....I had the same issue that went on for quite some time. I would try all the different resetting options, and it would just drop again. So, I gave up and just used Homekit for my cameras. Then out of the blue it started working again and has stayed working for 2-3 weeks now. I've been trying to think about what I've done different for this to work but I've come up with nothing. There are some other posts regarding this issue, but I have yet to read a solution. I'm just glad it seems to be working again for me.

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Spoke too soon, "No Response" today.