Home Backup Generator - Reporting?

The vibration detection on the smartthings multipurpose sensor is quite sensitive so although I do not have a generator, it should easily be able to detect the vibration of a generator. You would need to protect the sensor from the weather.

Thanks... probably stick it in a wet bag and give it a try.

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The project that @neonturbo suggested is really nice for the Generac generators and it has an MQTT option.

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Eric a few questions for ya

Assuming you installed inside the generator housing? Any concerns about heat? I’d like to mount inside but live in 110 degree Florida

Also any concerns on heat when the generators running? I’d imagine it can get to 150 F inside thoughts on mounting pi outside in an enclosure?

What power option did you pick 1,2, or 3?

I’m going to use the pi zero

I’d like to use option 3 and power off the controller via the Molex connection


I mounted it in a separate waterproof box that I mounted next to one of the electrical interconnect boxes. I used a pi3b+ because I had one. I am powering it with Poe.

The POE adapter:

So far, so good. Almost 60 days.


Thanks Eric

Nice job

Appreciate the detailed reply

I put mine in a similar enclosure, and glued a couple large neodymium magnets to the rear of the enclosure. I stuck it right to the back of the generator. It is out of the sun that way, and it hasn't had any issues in over a year. I powered mine from the 12V generator battery using a "motorcycle 12v to USB phone charger" as it was called on Amazon.


I did something similar but it’s powered by the generator (it was an older Pi so not a huge amperage requirement). I used stick on magnets and those didn’t work well - the sticky melted. I’d recommend stronger magnets and gluing them. Drilled a small hole for an antenna. Here is one I threw together using another drivers on the forum (hubitat/genmon.groovy at master · bdwilson/hubitat · GitHub) it just shows me data using the API. It’s not great. Wish it had control options.

I'm familiar with commercial backup power systems as a retired JOAT for a private telco. It would be surprising if there aren't relays in your home transfer switch ready & waiting with dry contact closures or opens (NO/NC) for the conditions you mentioned

This is just a random manual for a Generac xfr switch.

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Are you guys still using GenMon? I'm getting a standby gen this spring. I heard Generac's latest firmware encrypted the port, or something like that. I think there's been a workaround, but I'm not sure. GenMon still worth a shot? It'd be learning from scratch for me.

Yes. Works great.

That is what I understand too, going by the Genmon page on Github. You could always ask for clarification over there.

Yes, and worst case you get a Raspberry Pi to do something else with.

So I don't update my firmware, so I have an unencrypted generator. Genmon has been running for way over a year now with zero issues other than bad battery connections for the Pi power supply. No big deal though.

I would probably disconnect the Generac cloud thingy so you don't get firmware updates which can break things. Most people say it is worthless anyway.

I heard that. I wonder what version I'll get with the new unit in the Spring.

I don't understand why Generac doesn't have a remote stop/start on its stanbys. From my reading, competitor Cummins offers one.

Would you happen to know what changes would be needed to make to the driver you posted that would allow using a username/password in genmon.

I just looked at it and it's longer than 30 minutes to change. His info on API is here if anyone wants to add it. I don't have a need to keep it secure on my local network as it's not open to the Internet: Appendix C Interfacing Generator Monitor to External Applications · jgyates/genmon Wiki (github.com)

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Thanks for the info.. I dont have it on the internet either.. but I feel safer having atleast a username and password :slight_smile: ..
I added the username and password ..but I figured it out in a different way (scraping).. added code to get and save the cookie after "Post" (logging in) and then using that cookie for future "get"(s)...
Also added couple of params for username and password..
Might take a look in the future if the current code breaks often.. so far it hasnt missed a beat running every hour for a week...

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