Home Assistant Yellow Standard with HE C8

You got way more involved than I did. Ijust replaced windows with HAOS.
At this point I’m not to far into all the other stuff. I may one day ad an NAS , but thats not going to happen anytime soon. So far I really haven’t sat down to figure out what i can and can’t do. I will say this though, the HA community is no where near as helpful as the hubitat community. I ask questions here and i start getting answers in a couple hours. I ask questions over there, and it’s been a couple weeks with no answer. It may be a bigger community, but it certainly not better.

I have almost poster HA questions here, but don’t because i know its bad form to ask questions about another platform, but i know i would get answers here.


Well, to be fair, you had a pretty niche question.

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True, But it is one that has been asked before (and not fully, or at least clearly answered). A similar question here would have had some kind of response within a few days , probably hours. With a bigger community, it would be expected there would be a wider and deeper knowledge base. I'm not upset or anything. It is just a casual observation (so far) that their community doesn't seem to be as willing to jump in and help as this one is. I hope I end up being wrong on that assessment.

Try asking your question on the HA subreddit. You might get an answer there.

Or jump into the Home Assistant device bridge thread here in Hubitats forum. That thread is dedicated to the subject of HA.

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Thanks for the suggestion, however based on past experience I no longer do Reddit.

For future stuff, I will keep that in mind. The particular question I was dealing with had to do with configuration of HAOS on a mini PC. And Bluetooth configuration. That has been resolved now. The other is identifying an unknown iBeacon.

I'm just going to mention using esp32 modules for whole home Bluetooth coverage. It's really slick how it works.

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I quickly (very quickly) Looked at the esp stuff. I will dig into it some more. Honestly, I didnt think I was using all that much Bluetooth (until I got a bluetooth scanner app). At this point I more want to know what all me is around. Im still VERY new at HA, and haven't even begun to dig into most of it. My initial foray was just to get everything working that shound have been working when I set it up. I think that is accomplished. Now its time to start digging in.