Holiday Inflatables and Lights

Most everything I've found is for color lighting. My question is more about a simple schedule for two smart plugs. Is there anything I'm missing? I'd just like for them to turn on so the kids can see them as they leave for school, turn off while they are gone, turn on before they get home, then turn off after they're in bed. Lucky for us, we have inflatables for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas....(roll eyes).

This is what I have. I think it would work unless I'm missing something.

That is very similar to what I have done. I do not have the required expression, I just manually start/stop the rule when I want it active. You can also simplify is even further and remove the IF/ELSE and just use a multi conditional wait. The only reason I have two ON/OFF commands in there is sometimes one of the devices would not turn on/off the first try so that is a failsafe. Could be removed if your devices are reliable.

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I did not consider a conditional wait (or whatever the technical term is). That makes a lot of sense. It's always interesting to me to see the different ways to accomplish similar tasks. It seems like sometimes there are 20 different ways to build a rule and accomplish similar results. Thanks for sharing!

The only reason I decided to make it a date range in the required expression was to try to get us to take the things down in a reasonable amount of time. We are notorious for leaving decorations up and not having time to take them down. I was hoping if they stopped working by a certain date, it would prompt us to get out and remove them from the yard.

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