Hold with Radio Thermostat CT101 driver

I'm using the built-in CT101 driver with my CT50 thermostats because the only CT50 driver i can find is for wifi-- I use zwave. Works great.

But, there is no "HOLD" capability on the CT101.

Can HE update the driver to become more CT50 compatible by exposing a "HOLD" (maybe if some toggle is flipped)? Or can HE publish the CT101 driver so I can add the bits myself?

Starting from the virtualThermostat example is work I'm hoping to avoid, especially for just one feature.

@bobbyD @bcopeland ?

Kind of confused by this request. For a digital/smart device, hold is whatever you last set the thermostat to be at.

FWIW, I've had multiple z-wave thermostats with Hubitat (and on other platforms), and I've never seen hold() as a command.

CT50 has a "hold" soft button on the LCD. Without touching it, changing the temperature will be temporary- until the next next scheduled time for the temperature to change.

The wifi driver has an understanding of it, like this button. it figures the values based on a json result of an http query. Not useful here, though.

Many thermostats have a "hold" on the thermostat itself. But I don't think that is exposed via z-wave, because I haven't seen it exposed on any platform.


:point_up_2: This is correct.. There is no Z-Wave command that I'm aware of that provides this.


Are you running schedules through the tstat or Hubitat?

I turned off all the schedules on my CT50 and turned it into "dumb" mode and let Hubitat run on all the schedules. I made a virtual switch in Hubitat that when on, turns on hold in Hubitat, and when off, turns it off.

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That's what I just did, Hubitat controls the schedule now. But the fam is used to being able to touch the "HOLD" button on the LCD, that's just not going to work any more unless I move over to wifi (or get a new thermostat). oh well.

thanks all

Put the Thermostat in simple mode (while furnace mode is off then hold prog button for 12 seconds). You will see day of the week symbol disappear, if it is in simple mode.

Hold will be gone, program will be gone. Make your own program. You are welcome.

Now, can someone tell me why my CT50 (3m50) with Z-wave Plus module reports any set point as 87, and when attempting to change it from Hubitat, no matter what number I chose it goes to 65 on the thermostat?

What driver are you using? No issues on my CT50

Tried multiple drivers:
Generic Zwave
Generic Zwave Plus
Radio Thermostat CT101
Custom driver
A slight clarification - with all of them, if I change set point on thermostat, it reports correctly to Hubitat. I if I set any set point from Hubitat, thermostat shows 65, hubitat driver 87 (always).

What driver are you using?

CT101 driver

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