Hold and double tap does not work with Phillips Hue Smart remote

Hi guys,
After a break from adding things to my hubitat I wanted to add a Phillips Hue smart outlet to a room where I already have a few Phillips Hue outlets that controls lamps, all controlled by a Phillips Hue smart remote. To get the new lamp on to the remote I now need to start adding double taps and long press to fit all lamps. I then noticed that this does not work with the new rule machine?

I verified that a single click works and I found a tutorial here on the Hubitat pages setting upp bouble tap om another device, and I have search the forum but got no hit on this issue. Any thoughts on how to get double tap and long press working on a Phillips Hue smart remote using the new rule machine?

EDIT: I noticed that the four buttons behave differently when I do long press.
Button 1: Green light on pressing down, then a red light after a while
Button 2: Green light on pressing down, then pulsating green light after a while
Button 3: Green light on pressing down, then pulsating green light after a while
Button 4: Green light on pressing down, then nothing

So long press works on buttons 2 and 3, but not on 1 and 4. Boudle tap does not work on any button.


The Hue remote does not support double taps (neither here nor on a Hue Bridge network, where as far as I can tell it just responds to the button press in possibly-different ways, depending on your configuration, that gets reset after a timeout; for example, you can make up to 5 presses of the first/"on" button cycle between up to five different scenes, but that's all handled on the Bridge or otherwise outside of the remote; you can set something up on the Hubitat side, with a bit of work, to do the same if you really want to--but it's not "native" to the device).

For "held" events, Hubitat's driver supports that only on buttons 2 and 3 (the up/down buttons), at least on the v1 remote (model 73698). I'm not sure about the new-ish v2 remote (model 562777) but wouldn't be surprised if it were the same. This was all staff were able to see that the device supported at the time when they wrote the driver. It is possible things have changed since then (or maybe they missed something), but without a custom driver--and I'm not aware of any that exist, but you might try searching--you won't be able to "see" those events, either.

In other words, everything you're seeing sounds consistent with what the device/driver supports on Hubitat at the moment (and in at least the case of double-tap, what the device is actually capable of). :slight_smile:


Thanks bertabcd1234!