Hints on what is causing this log entry

Any thoughts as to what might be causing these multiple entries? Might they have something to do with my access via Remote Admin?

This is likely Hubitat Dashboard, based on URL fragments in the logs. Do you have the Hubitat mobile app or a manual link to a LAN dashboard somewhere that would be pointing to a Dashboard you removed (including removing the entire Dashboard app but also this particular "child"/Dashboard instance)?

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Thanks for the comments. I'm currently away from my friend's hub that is reporting the strangeness and I don't know what, if anything, he might be doing with dashboard(s) at the moment. I'll follow the logs while away and checkout his dashboard when I return.

It seems that the problem might have been associated with a glitch with one of his Leviton DZ6HD dimmers which, about the same time as these log entries, was showing as functionally controllable by Hubitat, but was actually in ON state and could not be turned OFF by the physical switch. He ended up cycling the breaker and switch function returned to normal and I've not seen any more log entries. Strange.... Thanks again for the feedback.

If the Leviton gets stuck like that, I believe it needs to be power reset.