High temperature leak detector?

I have a whole house humidifier connected to the duct just above my gas furnace. Occasionally it will start to overflow and water will come down onto the furnace housing. I have a "water watchdog" sensor taped there now and it will alarm loudly, but that won't help if nobody is home. So I'd like to put on a smart leak detector instead. But I need one that can handle temperatures up to about 120-130F. Temperatures don't seem to be commonly listed on the leak sensors I've seen.

If I can't find one to handle the heat, then maybe I can extend the screws of the sensor to keep the device a bit above the heat. Of course I'd rather find something that doesn't require me to be MacGyver.

Does anybody know of a leak sensor that might work without modification?

Ecolink makes one that has the sensor on a probe away from the main device, perhaps that would work.


A new one from Sinope as well

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I have a homeseer that works great in my attic. I put the sensor in the A/C water pan and the unit under the insulation (so it is close in temp to my ceiling).

I was able to make a simple "L" bracket from a piece of angle PVC.

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