High availability w/Hubmesh

I've been playing around with hubmesh and I think I've sorted out a high availability type setup. Wanted to throw the design out there for discussion.

I personally use lutron,philips,yeelights and a mix of zigbee/zwave devices (motion,water, etc)

What I've found is you can setup hubmesh between devices but you can link to lutron and other hubs from both hubitat hubs directly and not share those devices. This constitutes the majority of my devices.

What you need to do is treat both hubs as able to do everything (duplicate rules/apps etc) and share the appropriate devices via hubmesh, but create a virtual switch on each one that has a "state" ie primary/secondary

A rule or other method could then ping the other hub and if it goes down and the current hub is secondary, then "promote" itself to primary.

Your various rules and apps just need to look for this state to know whether they should be running or not (similarly you could have an app that pauses apps/rules as well depending on state)

You would only effectively lose the apps connected to the other hub. This is somewhat mitigated by wifi devices as well as ecosystems like lutron.

I think this would be a worthwhile approach for hubitat to embrace as even if you don't suffer from instability things happen (hardware dies etc) and ultimately the cost of a secondary or third hub is small to offer such reliability.

What would be very nice is coupling this with hub protect to keep the hubs in sync. Work on one but replicated elsewhere.

My only lament is that zigbee does not allow secondary controllers and my understanding is zwave does but that doesn't play so well (Please correct if I'm wrong)

Ultimately if hubitat embraced this setup it would be nice for them to offer a new state to check ie primary/not primary and even go so far as redirecting you to the correct primary hub if you visit a different one.

Thoughts? Additions? Improvements?