High Amperage Fan Controller

Anyone know of a Z-Wave Fan controller that can support two fans that have a total potential to draw 3.2 amps?

I suspect this does not exist but thought I would ask.

I have two Air King Industrial Fans in my garage currently on the same dumb speed controller and want them on Hubitat. Seems likely that I will have to wire in a separate controller for each but that will be a real pain so figured I would ask.

Are they controlled my a remote? If so is it IR or RF?

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No its just a dumb in wall speed controller

If you are willing to forsake remote speed control you could use a Zen-16.

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ZEN-16 is a dual plug that can handle 10A. It wouldn't help with speed control though, but how do the fans handle speed control now? For my ceiling fans I have a z-wave+ Jasco fan switch and those control the speed. Not sure if that (or another 120V fan switch) would work for your case though

I really want to maintain the speed control. Currently I have a high amp fan controller/switch in the wall. Its just a dumb speed control.

I didnt thing there was going to be a smart option but never hurts to ask. Guess I will have to wire them to individual GE controllers. Just a pain the the butt based on what is there now.


I wonder if something like the Fibaro dimmer 2 would work. It's a small module that can connect 2 devices and provide dimming capabilities, so instead of putting in 2 switches, you can put in one module

I'm guessing you'll have to just wire up a Hampton Bay fan controller per fan, then use the software to control them simultaneously. That's definitely a lot of amperage though. I'm assuming 110v.

I can tell you I tried to power two of my Vornado 733 fans (that pull about 0.7-amp on high,) and the speeds were noticeably slower when they were run in a pair. Of course when you hit high, it clicks on at full-speed. I'm not entirely sure if it was a limitation of wattage capability, or some other aspect. My 10,000cfm ceiling fan works great, but you will definitely see less-usable speed settings on higher loads. If one of these consumer-grade fan controllers works for your 1.6-amp-per-fan load, you probably won't get much functionality other than medium-high, and high. Anything less will likely won't even move air at like 50rpm.

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