Hi i need dashboard help with some lamps !v

hi all so basically i have lamps set to turn on and off at set times, which is fine but my wife wants the ability to change to times on a dashboard, so im just wondering if this is possible or if its a feature that can be added ive had a search but cant see anyone else asking this question, but a simple tile that has ON/OFF and times at the side that can be changed in the dashboard would be good ?

I don't think there's a stock solution, but I'm no expert.
Maybe you could make some skinny tiles and have three virtual switches that get the job done, like this. If push one, shuts off the one that's on, triggers the rule, etc.
Of course, the skininess would affect all the tiles.


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firstly i didnt know skinny tiles were a thing lol, i like it, but i deffo would like a way to change the times, this is a major event in our house lol, thanks for responding

Without checking for a solution myself, my guess would be to use Hub Variables, perhaps some to display on the dashboard, then a button to apply, which writes those values to a second set of Hub Variables that are used in any rules.

that may well be a little bit beyond my abiliity at the moment !