Hey Tech Nerds-Need a good headlight?

Hello fellow tech nerds, thought I'd share what I consider a great bargain. First off I own almost 50 different headlamps, some costing close to 100.00 each. Anyway I saw on Amazon, an Energizer headlamp for 15.00 USD. I bought it and it's pretty fantastic. Comes with a rechargeable 18650 lithium, 2 Energizer CR123 batteries(not rechargeable) a micro USB cable and a nice headband. It's fairly light and comfortable. I don't have any affiliate links, nor do I make any commission. I'm just sharing what a headlight addict considers a great buy. Once you get used to using a headlamp for your tasks you'll ask yourself how you ever managed without it.

The old coal miners knew.
Fun fact, the earlier miners lamp, was essentially a kerosene lamp mounted to a helmet, not at all dangerous in a methane filled cave :crazy_face:

Here's the light: be careful the black one is almost 40 bucks, the silver is currently 15bucks

Here's just some of my other headlamps

"Shine on you crazy diamond"

DERP- forgot the link !!!



Ah.. a fellow flashlight fetish person.


I've never looked into how Amazon affiliated links are set up but you know, just on your recommendation, you prompted the sale of four of those.

It really ought to be Easy Button simple for someone to put up an Amazon link that throws them a couple of bones for spreading the word (like I got on Amazon Digital for not being in any rush to get these delivered). Without having any special relationship with Amazon other than your normal account.

Thanks for taking the time to post. There's so many of these out there that "look good" but aren't worth the purchase, in fact I have an unopened 3-pack from Costo with half the lumens that are going back!

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I have some that are in excess of 1000lumens, and the burn marks on my forehead to prove it. I have , a Convoy, that is so poorly engineered as it got so hot I couldn't touch it to turn it off. I ripped it off my head and ran away.

This one strikes what I think to be a perfect balance between brightness, runtime, weight, and functionality(takes multiple battery types and no need for an external charger).
Curious to know what others' evaluations are. I mean dam for 15.00 the batteries alone would cost close to that. I heard, not sure if true, but that Energizer needs to clear these out, as they had stock that was delayed on barges coming over during the pandemic. A couple months back there were other models marked way down, but have bounced up in price.

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AliExpress is a great source of lights. Most arrive within 12 days.

This is one of my favorite handsfree ‘head’ lights. It is rechargeable too.


That reminds me of the movie light my dad used to have on his silent 8mm movie camera. I think my eyebrows are still singed from that.

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LOL. I have an 8mm of 10 toddlers at my fifth birthday party, screaming in fear because of my dad's giant light bar.

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I’m pretty sure I got some free headlamps like 3 years ago and it’s still my husband’s favorite flashlight thing lol. Dog needs to go out in the middle of the night? Headlamp. Need to see behind this TV? Headlamp.

I use these and similar for biking (one on helmet, one on handlebar). Work especially well when doing single track in the woods at night or working in basements,...:slight_smile:

The batteries on this model are quite cheap... :wink:


Oh I ordered on yesterday as well. I only have one good one but you cannot aim it. The others I have are really old plastic Energizer brand as well. This one looks much nicer. People think I am a dork when I wear one but its great for working on cars, basements, or any dark places really.

6000 lumen rechargeable, 13 bux


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125000000 Lumen



The 18650 cells are 3800 mAh


"A great addition to every arsonist's toolbox!"

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Totally aware this is an odd stance to have nowadays, but I prefer the option of replaceable batteries (AA/AAA). Pointless having a torch if you can't switch the batteries out IMO, and cr123's cost a bomb.

Most of the mainstream camping headlamps use 3 AAA batteries and work well. We have both Black Diamond and Petzl and recommend both of them.

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I appreciate that stance, but this comes with a rechargeable 18650, about 2700mAh, I had a petzl, it was made of plastic and cost and arm & a leg. It was nice & small but not so bright.

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