Here's what I want to do with HE

At vacation home:
1). Have on all the time (windows laptop) PC with Teamviewer on.
2). Assuming that I can access HE via Teamviewer from laptop remotely.
3). Do whatever I want on HE remotely.
4). Have dashboards for entire family (4) for remote access and control of devices.
5). Have 3 Yale z-wave locks
6). Add user codes and users remotely.
7). Have text (SMS) and email sent with user and code and date and time.
8). Write User, User code, door, date, time to a file (database) on laptop.
9). Send messages to Alexa for announcements.
10). Have access to Samsung TV's (2019 models).
11). Ad z-wave Graber (well zwave motors) shades .
12). will HE work while another HuB is active (ST) (not a show stopper)

Right now I only want to know if there are any show stoppers.
I will try to accomplish these 1 at a time with community help (I hope).
What level of complexity am I looking at?
What script languages do I need if any (Have some experience with (VB).

Welcome :hugs:

Only ones are

  1. I use a raspberry pie and VNC now.

5). provided you have a network too them, repeater devices to get the message too them.

7). SMS yes with a paid service from twilio, you get free notifications if you have their app. Email not directly, think there might be a community thing.

8). not sure

10). not native but may be a community integration.

11). ? I have a z-wave shade device but it's aeotec?

12). if moving from one to the other best to turn it off during that time ST is abit grabby and can try to steal the device back. Once joined though yes as long as for ZigBee your on different channels.

The language is the same as ST its groovy. You don't need to know it. Use the hubitat package manager for community apps, makes it as easy as pie.

Good luck.

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I can answer #1-3 with a YES. I just discovered that a Raspberry Pi can also run TeamViewer Host program in case you wanted to leave that on all the time instead of a laptop.

This is done most easily if you use Node-RED on the laptop along @fblackburn’s Hubitat nodes for Node-RED.

All should be doable. I agree that a Windows computer is a less reliable choice for remote access. I use an old Mac and it's been available non-stop for over two years. You need to put it all on a UPS for sure.

#8 Writing out a file can just as easily be stored to the hub as well. Don't know if that helps exactly what you're wanting to do there.

#10 I have no idea. For privacy, my Samsung TV never goes online.