Here’s the best kept secret in moca adapters

You’re usually looking at $70 for a adapter then $25 for a switch, then a extra powered cord, then an extra point of failure.
4 also is a perfect number for MOST. 1 PC, 1 smart tv device, 1 gaming device, 1 iot hub (Hubitat/hue) personally I use 3 then the 4th for a wifi ap. $55 is a steal

It’s bonded also so 1gb speeds. Only people with serious needs, need more


do you need Verizon to use it though?

I have a number of these in service - often on sale for $59 on amazon - no built in switch though!:


I’ve used those too. From my experience less points of failure the better

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No sir

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OTOH, one device with multiple functions is sort of akin to putting all eggs in one basket. Plus some devices can do one thing well, but aren't so great at doing multiple things.

I also like to have the flexibility to change/upgrade components one at a time. Might want a new MoCA adapter before a new switch, for example.

But it does look like a pretty good deal at that price :slight_smile:.

i'm using these, they're solid