Heos ( avr-8500h)

Trying to create routines for my AVR-X8500H via HEOS - tried the HEOS integration from dmeglio.
However - Rule machine – Either Hubitat hits here a limitation or DENON/HEOS
I think I need to hire someone to create these Rules for me and make them available to the DashBoard and Alexa.
Can anyone help?

Perhaps you can describe what the issue is and either @dman2306 or someone else can suggest solutions.

hm - well no issue . I need a how-to docu how to create a rule so I can turn on the denon - select a zone - and select a specific favorite from my HEOS......
Anyone has done that?

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Controlling a multi-zone AV receiver and cloud-based service like HEOS is among the more complex things that can be done with Hubitat, but it is possible.

@dman2306 can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the HEOS integration can set your receiver’s zone output (although it’s possible in the HEOS mobile app).

So to change your receiver’s zones you’ll need a driver that can do so. Unfortunately the Hubitat built-in Denon AVR driver doesn’t do this yet. There is a community driver developed by @thomas.c.howard that can do this though.

You could then create rules in rule machine that are triggered by the push of dashboard buttons. You’d need to make use of the custom action feature of rule machine and use either or both of the Denon AVR virtual device and HEOS virtual devices, depending on the dashboard button’s function.

So like I said, not the simplest thing Hubitat can do. But it can do it :slight_smile:.

Here’s the hub documentation pages, which covers a lot of topics, rule machine included.

If I could just ask, why not just use the HEOS app if you’re going to use a screen anyway? And same question re: Alexa voice control. The HEOS Alexa skill can be used directly to play music on HEOS devices.

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I’ll look into it further but their documentation for the HEOS CLI makes no mention of changing a zone output. I don’t currently have a HEOS compatible AVR so I can’t test the HEOS app to see what it does.

Edit: here’s the documentation in case anyone sees something I’m missing https://rn.dmglobal.com/usmodel/HEOS_CLI_ProtocolSpecification-Version-1.16.pdf

This is what my Marantz AVR looks like in the HEOS app. As you can see, there are toggle buttons for each zone, so the app is able to both turn on the receiver and set it to output the HEOS source to one or more zones.

But yeah, it doesn’t look like there’s anything in the API document related to that :man_shrugging:.

yes I am using this app - not only you can select a zone - you can direct any of you favorites to play there - however nobody pick up on that.
alexa can turn on the entire unit and start playing a song ( but picking favorites or playlists are not really supported)

But I am happy if I can just get hubitat to turn the unit all together ( like main zone ) and switch inputs or play HEOS favorites....

So Alexa works really not well enough - I like to play like favorite 1 or 2 on my HEOS account.
HEOS with Alexa works well - lets say ' Alexa play Eric Clapton on Deck' ( deck being the name of my unit ...) - or Change volume etc ( it always change the main zone.... )
But selecting HEOS favorites will not work -
Turning on Zone 3 - not a chance.

I like to connect it to a complete room setting. So as soon I unlock my schlage door and motion is trigger turn on a routine

I am trying to copy with my expensive URC unit does - which requires a shop to program.
I like what my hubitat does ,.... except for the HEOS integration......

It’s really up to Denon what they expose in APIs either publicly available, or restricted to certain higher-end AV/automation systems.

They don’t let the Alexa skill do some things. Just like they don’t let the API that @dman2306 leverages do some things either.

one more - i created a device from this DENON integration

and it finds the device - I can verify the account.
but you using the rule machine for this device - like I would donate to a project with the basic functionality:

  1. turn on ( and off) the device
  2. Set Volume
    3 a) Set imput or
    3 b) Run an HEOS Account Favorites ( like just an option to say pull the favorites fromt he account or simply say run favorite #s2

Something simple.....

Sorry not following you, that’s @dman2306’s GitHub. Same integration we’ve been discussing in the above posts.

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Since you mentioned you’re willing to pay someone, why not just do this? Use the integration that has the function you’re looking for :slight_smile:.

Edit: or use both the AVR driver I mentioned and the HEOS app, plus some rule machine fu (takes some practice but it’s worth it) to replicate the functionality :upside_down_face:.

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