HEM v5

I need a reliable driver for the Aeotec HEM v5. Are there any plans for built in support from Hubitat for dual clamp devices and the ability to read each clamp individually and set rules based on each clamp reading?

This driver works, and I think you can get rules with custom commands. I will test that.

VJV and I are reading the same threads tonight :joy:
I have one of these and didn’t even realize it could read two loads at once! I’ve just been using it with one; but it’s been fine for that.

:joy: there you go, I been using the driver above and works, you have good groovy skills so maybe you can add some love to that driver.

But warning, my wife use one HEM v5 for the dryer load complete anousment...

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I confirmed, RM only gives you power or energy, nothing about power1, power2, voltage or current

Right. It would be helpful if a built in driver could also create child devices so support could be granted to read each clamp individually. I have each clamp in my panel around a different wire monitoring a different device. I can’t run any rules on anything as a result.

Couldn't you use WATO in conjunction with RM?

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WATO? What’s that?

No, WATO would work if the Driver had separated the two clamps, but WATO cant see the second clamp, so it cant respond to it.

@adamkempenich Love it if you could take a look at that other HEM (in the other thread). I know you've been active with wifi magic (??) and Circadian apps too.

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While not with the built-in driver, I believe WATO would work with the custom driver posted above, as it supports individual power1 and power2 custom attributes.

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I was told by support that this custom version cause hub stability issues. They wouldn't say what exactly use at your own risk.

Honestly, I basically ignore that guidance from Hubitat at this point.

Not to be critical/combative, but if they can't say what in the driver causes issues, why it causes issues, or what to even look for on the hub to tell/verify it is causing issues then that advice is not actionable for me and isn't really helpful.

I'm not saying it is their job to fix user drivers, but if they can't even provide any system indicators that there is a problem (events/sec on the driver, logging event rate for the driver, CPU usage for the driver, SOMETHING), then they shouldn't bother with the warnings as most end users can't possibly figure out what the problem is on their own anyway (except maybe by trial and error, or guessing).

But take the worth of my opinion for what it cost you. :smile:

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Yes I've seen that, which is causing me to pause for concern and another reason why I'm seeking a driver directly from Hubitat with multi-clamp reading support.

I believe the HEM can cause Z-Wave network issues if it is allowed to send data at too high of a frequency. This can usually be controlled via device configuration settings (found usually in the driver's configure() code).

I thought they told you that because your modified version, I never used that version, I have 2 HEM v5, one for the whole home and the other for my electric dryer, I been months with the driver I posted and I been fine. Just saying.

The only thing I added was the configuration parameter to turn off CRC16.

Well, so maybe is not a problem at all. I had problems in the past but I had the HEM secure paired, big mistake...

What is the current best practice for running an Aeotec Hem Gen5 on HE?

I have one on the way (a single phase, single clamp UK version), but have seen a couple of different versions of the custom driver and know there is a built in driver too. Which are people having the best results with? Also do I need to pair in secure mode or not? I've read conflicting views on that too.

Any tips greatly appreciated.

Do not pair it securely or else your hub will be very laggy.